Frequently asked questions

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1. Who is TestUrGut for

Frequent signs and symptoms

If you have one or more of these symptoms, you may have intestinal dysbiosis:

  • Nausea
  • Flatulence and belches
  • Hair loss
  • Weak nails
  • Abdominal distension
  • Altered periods of diarrhea and constipation
  • Poorly formed stool
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Recurrent candidiasis

Who is TestUrGut aimed at?

To all those adults who suffer from intestinal disorders, who suffer from allergies, dermatological disorders, depression, etc. or people who want to know the state of their microbiota through a complete analysis with the advice of an expert gastroenterologist.

Do I need a prescription?

No prescription is needed.

Under what circumstances can I not take the test and what incompatibilities exist?

Certain circumstances do not allow the test to get reliable results about your gut microbiota. You cannot take the test if:

  • You’re pregnan
  • You are a minor
  •  In the last month, you have taken an oral antibiotic or antibiotic that affects the intestinal tract

If you have been taking antibiotics, we recommend that you wait at least one month from the last time they were taken.

In case of menstruation, although menstruation does not alter the results of the analysis, we advise not to collect the sample for the test during this period, to avoid possible contamination of the sample.

On the other hand, the test can be performed regardless of whether the user has undergone any surgery or is taking prebiotics and / or probiotics.

Apart from antibiotics, is there any other excluding medication?

There are no other exclusive medications to perform the test other than orally ingested antibiotics or that affect the intestinal tract.

2. Kit content, purchase and price

Where can I find TestUrGut?

It can be purchased through our website It is also available at pharmacies, clinics and private medical offices.

What is the price of TestUrGut and what does it include?

TestUrGut comes in three forms.

a) Standard modality: 180 euros (tax included). Inside the kit you can find: a collecting tube with a spoon to collect the sample, a strip of paper that is accompanied by instructions and that we will place in the toilet seat to collect the sample, a nitrile glove to hold the tube hygienically, a plastic bag where to store the tube and finally the envelope with the address of the laboratory to send the sample.

In the TestUrGut kit you will also find a form that must be filled in with your details, those of the prescriber and the sampling date, as well as indicating if you have taken antibiotics during the last month. The price of the TestUrGut kit does not include the cost of the visit with the specialist.

b) Nutritionist Premium modality: 240 euros (tax included). Includes the TestUrGut kit with all its elements plus an online visit to comment on the results and provide personalized advice from a TestUrGut nutritionist specialist.

c) Gastroenterologist Premium modality: 280 euros (tax included). Includes the TestUrGut kit with all its elements plus an online visit to comment on the results and provide personalized advice from a TestUrGut gastroenterologist specialist.


Should I choose my specialist at the time of purchase?

Yes. You should choose the specialist who will handle the interpretation of the results and the subsequent personalized advice. You can choose from our medical chart, whether you opt for a face-to-face or online visit, or propose another one you trust, whom GoodGut will train for the interpretation of the test results. (this option is only contemplated in offline visits).

3. Collect the stool sample and prepare it

How much sample must be collected?

The size of a pea is enough, but we recommend filling half of the tube with the help of the teaspoon that accompanies it to have more sample in case the analysis has to be repeated.

Does the sample have to be from the same day?

The sample that is introduced into the tube must be of the same deposition. If you do several in one day, it doesn’t matter which one you choose as sample. We recommend that you do not fill the tube with different stools over a different day or days.

If I already have a sample container, do I need to use the kit tube?

It is essential to use the collector tube found in the TestUrGut kit to ensure the viability of the sample within the analysis protocols of GoodGut SL.

Will the result of the analysis vary according to the consistency of the stool?

In the product definition the different Bristol scales (different levels of consistency) were taken into account and it was determined that consistency is indifferent.

How to understand the Bristol Stool Scale?

The Bristol Scale used is a visual and descriptive table that allows the stool to be classified according to its shape and consistency. It comprises 7 different categories and is used in common clinical practice for the diagnosis of intestinal problems. The main factor influencing the type of stool consistency is the time spent in the colon.


Escala de heces de bristol

Is it necessary to make the deposition on the paper included in the TestUrGut kit?

Yes, this paper needs to be used to ensure that samples are not contaminated with toilet water or external bacteria that could affect the results.

What do I do if my paper breaks?

Under no circumstances try to collect the sample inside the toilet. You may be asked to submit another collection kit.

4. Preservation and collection of feces

How do I keep the sample until shipping?

Since the samples do not need to be refrigerated, you can store the envelope with the sample in a cool, dry place without direct lighting.

At what temperature should the sample be sent?

The sample will be sent at room temperature.

How is the stool sample collected?

The courier company Envialia is responsible for sending the samples. To do this, you must call the phone number indicated on the form inside the kit and request a collection.

This service has no additional cost.

Is it necessary an express delivery?

The courier company Envialia, once the stool sample has been collected, will deliver it to us in less than 24 hours.

Can I send the sample any day of the week?

Samples are set to be shipped only from Monday through Wednesday, to avoid shipping delays for the weekend.

5. Results reception and interpretation

How long does it take to get the results of the stool analysis?

You will receive the results by email within 10 business days from the reception date of the sample in the laboratory. You will then receive them by post at the address you provided on the form.

What can I expect with the results?

Thanks to the study of your intestinal microbiota, the specialist of your choice will be able to make a diagnosis and recommend a personalized treatment, either by indicating a drug such as probiotics or prebiotics, recommending dietary supplements or introducing dietary changes.

Why do I need to visit with a specialist to interpret the results?

TestUrGut results are presented as a panel composed of 15 bacteria indicatives of intestinal dysbiosis. The interpretation of this test requires a specialist trained in the interpretation of these results and an expert in the field of digestive diseases in order to establish new guidelines in their diet and/or, if necessary, some medication, fully customized for your case.

Will my specialist have them the day I visit?

The specialist will receive the results by e-mail within 10 business days from the reception date of the sample. At the time you request the visit, make sure that these 10 business days have elapsed.